Expert Betting Tips

How To Calculate Odds:

Before the game starts make sure that you calculate the odds according to your country like,

Moneyline or American odds (-110)

Fractional or UK odds (5/1)

Decimal or European odds (2.5)


The odds are constantly changing during the whole match,Odds will be less for a winning team whereas It will be on a higher side for the losing team.

Let me illustrate with an Example-

Suppose we have a cricket match and two teams are playing viz, England and India

Then the bookmakers will give you the odds which you may check on Websites like Bet 365,Betfair etc.,as-

INDIA                   1.45     1.47

ENG                      2.40     2.45

Now Comes The Million Dollar Question,How To Place Bets..??

So, Here We can san say that India is on a winning track,

If you Back 100$ on India and if India wins you will get 45$ as a winning amount, on the contrary if you Lay India

At 47$ and India doesn’t Win, My Goodness you will earn 100$ as simple as that.

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Control Of Money-

Probably the most important part of sports betting is Money control

All Check that you are Using only a fraction of your saving on any of the sports betting you make.

Never ever try to stake all you betting money on one bet, Its your years of shear Hard work by which you have earned all this money Don’t let it go in seconds..!! Use it fun nothing else..!! U cant become a millionaire by gambling but you can become rich by trading.

Getting The Best Odds-

The are a lot of Online websites which are giving you the best odds you should give a thorough check

Whether you want to play online or Offline with Local Bookies It all depends on you.

Knowledge and Research-

If you are familiar with any Sports which you are playing then there are very less chances you will lose


If you are placing a bet on cricket you should be well worsed with

Ground stats,Teams,Players playing,format of the game etc.,

Betting at The right Time-

This we will guide you once you follow the above three aspects and are ready to play.

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